It’s Italian Holiday

Sip Expert, Al Fini, has you covered in a pinch with wine pairings for your next seasonal gathering.

Castello Di Magione “Monterone” Grechetto 2015 Umbria

Tasting Notes: Grechetto Bianco (commonly abbreviated to just Grechetto) is a white grape variety grown in central Italy. While also planted in Lazio and Tuscany, the grape is most strongly associated with Umbria and is used in the production of the peach-scented wines of Orvieto DOC.

Pairings: Excellent as an aperitif to begin and finish, fruit cake, apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie.

Castello Di Mangione Sangiovese 2015 Umbria

Tasting Notes: Ruby of good intensity. Beautiful varietal expression of the Sangiovese, reveals without hesitation much violet, red fruits of the forest, sour cherries, spices and earthy chords. Round, sensual, vibrant, with medium structure and ultimate stimulant.

Pairings: Ideal to accompany roasted turkey, Christmas ham, and side dishes.

Rocca Bernarda Refosco 2014 Friuli

Tasting Notes: Refosco is characterized by intense notes of red fruit and cherries. At the same time it presents a lot of spicy notes. It is characterized by a pleasant acidity and a good tannin that gives it structure and body.

Pairings: Great to accompany prime rib, venison, red meat or by itself to finish.

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