Without Uber & Lyft, Austin Steps Up

After two weeks without Uber and Lyft, Austin-based and Austin-created rideshare app, RideAustin was announced today. As a non-profit organization, RideAustin’s drivers will be able to earn more, while riders pay less and have the option to round up fares to donate to local charities. And, complying with the city’s fingerprinting and background check ordinances, RideAustin is set to cooperate with the city of Austin.
Its goal to make it a community asset will be determined in the weeks following when the app and service launch in June. We’re excited to see how RideAustin fares with the city and what this could bring to our amazing community.
Will you be using RideAustin this summer? If not, what will you be using?
Learn more at rideaustin.com
Sign up itunes.apple.com/us/app/ride-austin-non-profit-tnc/id1116489847?ls=1&mt=8
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