Via 313 Pizza

Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Ashley Haguewood

Sip Your Meal!
Visit one of Via 313’s brick and mortar locations to try The Bloody Marinara made from home-made marinara sauce.

Before Via 313 pulled up a custom pizza trailer on heavily foot-trafficked East 6th, Eastsiders had no idea what they were missing:  Detroit-Style Pizza. You’ll immediately notice the rectangular pieces, but take a bite and the differences abound. There’s no reason to not start with The Detroiter. When it arrives, you’ll see small natural casing pepperoni slices curled into crisp pepperoni cups dotting the surface, and dollops of spicy, herbaceous deep-red sauce on the surface. Hiding beneath the surface is a layer of smoked pepperoni. The shredded mozzarella that spreads to each corner of the metal cook-pan forms a crisp, cheese border around the edge. One bite, and it all makes sense. This is exactly what you want after a long night out; though now that you’ve had it, the craving for this regional favorite that’s migrated south can hit you any time.

1111 E 6th in front of Violet Crown Social Club (+2 other locations), 512-939-1927

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