V-Bodies Fitness

Combining the best proven methods for a healthy, strong body

Words & Photos by Eric Morales

Matthew Carney is the founder and trainer at V-Bodies.  His personality is what you might expect:  high energy and mentally positive.  But Carney’s approach to training is vastly different from what one might think.  It’s not just all about pumping iron.  In fact, Carney has had to invent a new machine to meet his ideal training regimen.

“A combination of Pilates principles, weight training, and other athletic training techniques are the foundation of VBodies.”  Carney has filed for provisional patents on the machine that he has created and brought to life.  The machine is called Powerformer.

Carney’s goal is to create leaner, more supple and youthful bodies by using a blend of strength, limbering, and metabolic training while maintaining complete body awareness. The exercises are low-impact and easy on the joints and spine.

The training sessions only have up to 3 people in a workout, so clients get a sense of both group and personalized fitness training.  The best of both worlds! Stop by or call to set up a free introductory workout.

4600 Mueller Blvd, Suite 1005

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