Unit D Pizzeria

Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Ashley Haguewood

Happy Hour!
Visit Unit D on Mondays 5-10pm for $2 pint night. Or try their Michelada which is packed full of flavor.

Unit D’s menu is a study in contrasts. It stands out by eascombining the exacting standards and ingredients of the trademarked recipe that made Neapolitan-style pizza world famous, with the energy and creativity you’d expect from a chef at a top restaurant more in the fine-dining category. If you’ve had a classic Naples pie, Unit D’s crust will be familiar—thin and golden brown from the wood-fired oven—but the similarities mostly end there. The Bacon Apple Pizza is emblematic of the Unit D’s approach, an unorthodox combination of ingredients that immediately makes sense when you first take a bite: salty bacon paired with diced sweet and tart apple, candied pecan up next to a sharp hit of goat cheese, a hint of spiciness from the small medallions of Fresno peppers, all over the creamy white sauce and finished with a drizzle of spiced honey. As with most great dishes, balance is key, and while it’s not a combination you probably would have thought of, it’s one you won’t soon forget. It’s hard to revolutionize something as classic as Neapolitan Pizza, but Unit D’s creative, yet subtle, ingredient combinations are doing what Austinites do best, innovate while still loving the classics.
2406 Manor Road, Unit D, 512-524-1922 

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