Apple of My Eye

The Austin Shaker

Words by Sam Lauron Photos by Parker Thornton

Head into crisper weather with a drink that will warm you up from the inside.

Co-owners of the The Austin Shaker, David Maguire and Kirstyn Litchfield, have crafted a concoction that pairs equally well with chilly, fall evenings as it does with festive holiday parties.

The brandy-based apple cocktail combines bold flavors that result in a dark, earthy taste with subtle apple tones. “The Angostura adds more of a spicy apple [flavor],” says Litchfield, “like a spiced baked apple dessert, but not sweet.”

When deciding which liquor would be the base of this fall-themed drink, Maguire adds that brandy and cognacs were appealing as they’re less ventured when it comes to cocktail experimenting. “We wanted to give life to something that wasn’t in everybody’s repertoire and showcase a way that you can use it in something that’s not just brandy or a replacement for whiskey.”

Apple of My Eye Recipe

1.5 oz. Copper & Kings Floodwall Apple Brandy
1 oz. Lustau East India Solera Sherry
.75 oz. Amaro Meletti
.75 oz. Schonauer Apfel
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Directions:  Measure and pour ingredients into a mixer beaker then add ice. Stir thoroughly until well chilled. Strain into a coupe cocktail glass and enjoy!

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