Soma Vida {Laura Shook Guzman}

Somatic Psychotherapist
Founder/CEO Soma Vida LMFT

Do you have a deep desire to do what you love and make an impact? Has a lack of support or confidence gotten in the way of doing your best work? Laura Shook Guzman has been exactly where you are. As the founder of Soma Vida, Austin’s first coworking community and advocate for entrepreneurial mental health, Laura encourages her clients to embrace the idea that “It begins with a dream, yet it takes a community to bring it forth.” If you are ready to launch a business, revolutionize an industry or gather and lead your community, then Laura is an invaluable resource, standing ready to guide, support and encourage you to take your next big leap. For coworking opportunities and office space, email To book a consultation with Laura, email

(512) 628-1580

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