Solid but Simple

Solid, yet intricate. Simple, yet bold. Elegant, yet eccentric. Novel, yet beautiful. Royal, yet comfortable. Classic, yet contemporary.

September is fashion month, and these words capture the essence of the inspiration for this fall’s wardrobe and the location to where the vision came together.

“Walking into Grizzelda’s is like walking into a hidden castle. Everywhere I turned rich bold colors grace the walls and furniture — eccentric done tastefully. Every detail that caught my eye seemed to tell a story. A story of elegance, yet mysterious. When stepping out onto the patio, I was graced with patterns of light from the sun shining through the shapes that punched through the walls. Surrounded by lush greenery and more royal chairs, Grizzelda’s creates an atmosphere of enchanting experiences,” says model Falcon.

Located in the heart of central east Austin, across the street from sister restaurant Jacoby’s Restaurant & Mercantile, Grizzelda’s is a hidden gym of sorts: from its mouth-watering coastal dishes to the pops of pink that transport one to central Mexico. The cuisine at Grizzelda’s runs the gamut, from heirloom and traditional Mexican plates and moles to fresh coastal crudos, while holding true to Austin’s Tex-Mex roots.

Laurel Kinney


Stevie Sweeny 


Eric Morales


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