Rio Rita’s {Bloody Mary}

Awaken your senses with a breakfast cocktail that is sure to please. Light tones of Peppercorn infused vodka embellish this delightful morning pick-me-up.

Words by Camille Smith  Photo by Eric Morales

Rio Rita is one of the many projects from Donya and Randal Stockton of Beerland and King Bee fame.

“I love this place,” says manager Sarah Tibbits. “I think it’s really sweet and different.” Rio Rita is located on East Sixth Street and offers coffee and cocktails all day long. “It’s really relaxed and cozy, were not a loud-crazy, get-wild place, we’re chill.”

Rio Rita is renowned for their infusions which include obscure but delectable blends such as strawberry vanilla vodka, hibiscus vodka, jalapeno tequila, raspberry gin, a watermelon cucumber gin in the summer that “kills it” according to Tibbits, espresso whiskey, and apple and clove bourbon, and their newest addition, grapefruit infused mescal.

One of Rio Rita’s signature cocktails is their Bloody Mary. They put their own twist on this classic favorite with infused vodkas, which you can get in one of three flavors, including white peppercorn (which is Leslie the bartender’s personal favorite), jalapeño garlic or habanero garlic for the bravest of the brave and features a big ole hunk of crispy celery, banana peppers and pickled okra. Tibbits also suggests the Dublin Pickup which features espresso infused whiskey, honey and iced coffee and the Pepper Mule which contains ginger beer and lime with peppercorn vodka.

“Community is really important here; we have some pretty cool events…I think Rio Rita is a staple. This is one of the first bars that popped up when this area started changing. We’re still doing what we’ve always done. I’m trying to stay on that path and get better at all of the things that we offer.”

Native Knowledge: Rio Rita is a great study spot, open 8am -2am. Free street parking after 6pm Monday-Wednesday. Delicious coffee and drinks. Located next door to Kebabalicious so you can eat, drink, and be merry.

1308 E 6ath Street


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