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Get ready to #peelhappy with the natural benefits of turmeric.

Words by Judy Tsuei  Photos by Kala Media Films & Photography

When it comes to modern wellness, there’s more to consider than simply your physical body — it’s more essential than ever to keep your emotional, mental, and spiritual states in optimal condition. That’s why ancient practices have found a resurgence in everything from fitness to skincare, as we seek ways to thrive. The good news? Raeka Beauty is bringing you New Generation Ayurveda Technology to deliver the world’s FIRST and ONLY turmeric in peel form, which started right here in ATX.

Two of the world’s most ancient medical practices are Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine — and they’re still around for one key reason: they work. Raeka Beauty, founded by Austin entrepreneur Rekha Panda, now brings the best in Ayurveda directly to your skin.

“Ayurveda has been proven through the ages,” Rekha shares. “Due to its close relation to earth and nature, our bodies are more adept to taking in the benefits of Ayurveda. In fact, science has even proven that our skin experiences less problems, such as fewer allergies, sensitivities, and reactions, when using Ayurvedic ingredients.”

If you’ve ever experienced acne, dry or oily skin, or any number of skin conditions, you’ve likely invested substantial amounts of money in products that simply do not work. Despite the greatest advances in science and technology, the best remedies often prove to be the ones that have worked for millennia.

“I grew up with an Indian cultural background, which in my family, meant that my mother would always instruct me to keep any remedy for my skin simple,” Rekha adds. “She gave me natural remedies that my grandmother taught her, these fresh, made-at-home solutions that my great-grandmother before her shared. Above all else, these remedies worked!”

From there, she’s built a New Generation Ayurveda Technology that proves the adage: It’s the simplest things in life that are the most extraordinary.

Her all-natural, plant-based line is built upon the highest of global skincare standards, which are more stringent than the minimum requirements in the U.S., to ensure that her products are rooted in safety by not including any ingredients on the banned list. Best of all, she’s created the world’s first and only turmeric peel.

While most brands use alcohol to cause peels to dry quickly upon contact, the science of Ayurveda shows that this can cause damage to your skin. With Raeka Beauty’s line of turmeric peels made for both women and men, you can see and feel the difference with routine use.

“We chose turmeric as our main ingredient, because its abundance of benefits,” Rekha says. “As a super spice, turmeric has the power to prevent skin issues, heal, and repair.”

Turmeric has proven to have an array of benefits for your body inwardly and outwardly. When it comes to skincare specifically, turmeric is a natural antibiotic, has anti-inflammatory capabilities, and prevents against sunburns, as well as acne.

Designed for all skin types, Raeka Beauty’s line of peels come in the original Turmeric, Turmeric Sandalwood, Turmeric Orange, Turmeric Lemon, and Turmeric Cucumber. All peels are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances GMO’s, sulphates, and are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Ultimately, Rekha hopes to provide safer skincare products for everyone, by using the purest and highest quality ingredients on the planet. “We’re currently working on face washes, and hope to expand into everything from acne treatment systems and healing treatments to moisturizers and eye creams.”

As an online company, Rekha appreciates that her products can be easily available to people around the world. In the near future, she plans to move into beauty subscription boxes, because she believes that life may be complicated, but your skincare doesn’t have to be.

What is a “dosha”? According to Ayurvedic medicine, a “dosha” refers to your unique physical and mental constitution, which influences your overall well-being. Each person is usually made up of a dominant dosha or a combination of these elemental forces, based on earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The three doshas are: Pitta: Fiery, strong, intense Vata: Airy, imaginative, active Kapha: Earthy, stable, compassionate, loyal.

Did you know? Rekha Panda, founder of Raeka Beauty, has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year for the 2017 Extraordinary Women’s Awards, by The Texas Women in Business. Raeka Beauty has been featured on KXAN (NBC’s affiliate in Austin) and KSAT12 (ABC’s affiliate in San Antonio).

October is Ayurveda Awareness Month
Raeka Beauty is celebrating by giving FREE Pro-Applicators with a purchase of a Turmeric Peel! Use code EAST10 for an additional 10% OFF.


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