Structured Style

A New Take on Modern Beauty

Words by Sam Lauron  Photos by Jen Rachid Modeled by Zoe Graham

Pascal NU’s innovative approach to design brings a fresh perspective to the fashion and beauty worlds, and it’s just getting started.

Devon Stonebrook, the designer behind Pascal NU, uses her background in architecture along with her laser-cutting skill-set to craft structured, luxury handbags built with an unconventional pairing of materials: acrylic and leather.

“Exploring new things is important to me: important because they don’t exist yet,” says Stonebrook.

The artist made her move to Austin after attending the University of Michigan where she studied architecture. Having worked with laser cutters building models, she knew that after school she wanted to continue honing her skills and values when it comes to design.

“After trying things out and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, I’ve definitely refined the process,” says Stonebrook. “And when I figured out what staples I wanted in a handbag brand, that’s when I started Pascal NU.”

Inspired by modern materials, Pascal NU is a balance between “figuring out how to incorporate hard and soft in the right way,” as the designer puts it. Her designs combine acrylic pieces with leather straps and lacing to perfectly merge modern and traditional form. The structured bags are meant to serve as functioning accessories, while still highlighting the innovative design and mix of materials.

As for inspiration, Stonebrook has let her love of fashion and design lead the way. “I’ve always been interested in fashion more than architecture. When something appeals to me, I want to wear it. And I selfishly want to make this for myself to wear.”

After participating in E.A.S.T. in previous years and recently taking part in a trunk show at Stanley Korshak, Pascal NU has seen major milestones in just two years since its beginning. What’s next for the handbag collection? “Special collaborations is the direction I want to go in, keeping it small and special.” As for the artist herself, she wants to explore new materials and expand her design toolkit, so she can continue to craft original, high-quality designs made with intention.


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