Rations With Passion {Nutritional Wisdom}

Why We Eat vs. What to Eat

Words by Xander Peters  Photos by Ashley Haguewood

Rather, by recognizing how no two individuals diet in the exact same fashion, is what Lauren and Carly do is treat the traditional food pyramid as if it’s a piece of Play-Doh, molding it to fit the day-to-day needs of each client, focusing more on “why we eat” versus the “what to eat” aspect of dieting.

“I think nutrition and spirituality, and even personal growth and self-care, all of those things are so important,” enthuses Lauren Deaton, a techie turned nutritional therapy practitioner and holistic lifestyle coach. “But I also think those things can feel pretty heavy for people. No pun intended.”

The anxiety of dieting and making a healthy change, for some, is uncomfortable. That unforgettable irk of the all too obvious: I know what I should eat; I just can’t make myself do it. Maybe I’ll start the diet tomorrow. There is a  hesitation that comes with making any change of lifestyle, even if it’s a move for the better. It’s only human.

But it’s there, within the orbit of tailored individuality and healthy living, of being only human, that we find Nutritional Wisdom – a personalized dietary lifestyle program that takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, and the brainchild of Carly Pollock that has helped more than 4,000 clients to date. And since Carly founded the company several years ago, their simple, straightforward commitment to each client is simple: find the right fit between mind, body, and food for each person “to promote ultimate wellness and vitality,” as Carly describes on their website.

Lauren considers the process as the spiritual side of food—the self-care, the mental and emotional behavior behind our eating patterns. In her opinion, she feels as though people have sort of maxed out western medicine to an extent, which is why Nutritional Wisdom’s method takes a grassroots approach, a b-line back to the basics, where happy and healthy pass each other with a wave on a two-lane street. “As holistic practitioners, we really strive to heal things at the root, and food is a huge part of that,” Lauren notes.

“It’s pretty amazing to see people, for example, who have been on medication for decades, changing their food, changing their lifestyle and stripping it all away one prescription at a time,” she continues. “Even people more on the psychological side, with eating disorders or who have just really struggled with their relationship with food. When [clients] truly feel free around food, their friends and their body, that, to me, is a huge success.”

Call it a way to split the difference between healthy edibles and feeling incredible. Call it rations with a passion. Call it what you may. Like the probability of two people’s fingerprints matching is approximately one in billions, the chance of two people’s dietary needs being nearly identical is equally as rare. That fact alone can feel pretty heavy for people, yet Nutritional Wisdom is there to lighten their load.

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