Newcastle Homes – Real. Local. Community. Design. Build.

For over 16 years Newcastle Homes has worked closely with the communities of East Austin to create sustainable, locally-designed, high-performance homes that are hand-built by local craftsmen. Newcastle Homes does not just do business in East Austin–they are part of East Austin, actively supporting community initiatives on issues that matter to locals, like affordable housing and animal welfare.

While Newcastle Homes is well-known for its modern design-build work, they also specialize in historic renovations with modern additions, helping preserve select original homes while making them as green and energy efficient as their new modern homes. Newcastle Homes covets one-of-a-kind challenges and diverse aesthetics. “We have a special place in our hearts for these quintessentially Austin projects and a unique set of tools to excel at them. Modern or historic, we do not build houses, we craft cool, green homes for Austinites.”


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