April Morales

Mother & Health Coach

Words by Sommer Brugal  Photos by Ashley Haguewood

April Morales always knew she wanted to spend her life investing in people, investing in their souls. And while she thought she’d do that through her role as a special education teacher, she instead found another path to stay true to her desires. As a full-time mother, she invests in her four young sons.

“I think I always knew I wanted to be the main caregiver to my children,” recounts Morales. “I believe their souls are eternal, and when I think about my day, I want to know that I squeezed every ounce of myself into my kids,” she says unapologetically.

When Morales speaks about motherhood, there’s an energy and spark that follows every word. Still, though, the day-to-day requirements of being a full-time mother often challenge her perception of herself. Morales says she questions whether or not she believes if what she is doing defines who she is as a woman and as a human.

“If my actions every day were summed up to determine my value to the world, that’s depressing,” Morales admits. “So, I do struggle with what makes me valuable. Is it because I’m doing x, y, or z everyday, or am I valuable because of my identity and who I am as a person?”

Despite the distractions that result from the internal and external exertion of social expectations, Morales continues to move forward investing in her children and finding self-worth in all she does. Her motivation, she says, is rooted in her faith in God.

“When I remind myself that God entrusted me with four people, I realize that life is bigger than me,” she smiles. “It’s exciting to play a role in one huge, grand picture, instead of just thinking that life is all about me. Where I’m going seems pretty small.”

Though Morales takes pride in her role as a mother, she’s proud of the other character traits that make her the woman she is today. Morales says she’s an energizer, she’s passionate, and she’s connected—all traits she displays clearly in all of her relationships in and outside of her daily role.

When asked about the future, Morales gets excited. She recently embarked on a self-care journey of her own and is now a certified health coach. Through her coaching, Morales hopes to help people realize their dreams and goals of a healthy lifestyle.

With a supportive husband, four children, and a slightly different career path later, Morales continues to stay true to her mission. She continues to invest in people’s souls.


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