Li’l Nonna’s

Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Ashley Haguewood

Best Crust!
Whether it’s gluten free or packed full, Li’l Nonna’s home-made crust is sure to please. Regardless of your preference for gluten, both are made for the vegan pallet.

Austin can always use a good New York style pizza shop, but Li’l Nonna’s trailer at the Buzzmill is unique in its catering to vegetarian and vegan Austinites who still crave a good pie. The kitchen can turn out a mean Margherita (with regular mozzarella and pecorino if you wish), but move on down the menu, and you’ll find many pizzeria favorites topped with house-made vegan mozzarella, beeteroni slices, seitan Italian sausage in addition to a slew of vegetable toppings. The Supreme comes with classic San Marzano tomato sauce and is topped with black olives, sweet red bell peppers, mushrooms, shallots, and sprinkled with smoked tempeh. At first it creeps up on you, the smokiness and texture of the tempeh reminiscent of a traditional meat topping you can’t quite put your finger on, and if they didn’t tell you, you might not notice.

1505 Town Creek Dr., 512-993-8998

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