La Mula

By Licha’s Cantina

Words & Photos by Whitney Runyon

Move over tequila, take the backseat whiskey, there’s a new (actually it’s quite old) alcohol in town. Ladies and gentlemen, we would formally like to blow your minds by humbly introducing you to Mezcal if you have not met before.  Similar to tequila, Mezcal is made from agave. The making of Mezcal is an ancient Mexican tradition of roasting the heart of the plant for days in a pit oven fire, producing a smoky flavor that you often won’t find in tequila.

To help your taste buds adapt to the distinct flavor of Mezcal, the kind folks at Licha’s Cantina (lovingly named after the owner’s mother) have concocted a hip spin on the traditional Moscow Mule. The ‘La Mula’ is a Mezcal based, ginger beer craft cocktail served up in a tin camping mug that will blow your mind. Make sure to check it out during their daily happy hour from 4-7pm and also indulge your taste buds in their traditional interior Mexican cuisine!

La Mula Ingredients: Ginger beer, Mezcal, Jugo, & Aromatic Bitters

Native Knowledge: Licha’s Happy Hour is Tuesday through Friday, 4pm-7pm with an amazing $5 menu!
La Mula is $5 during happy hour!

1306 E 6th Street

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