King Bee Lounge

Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Ashley Haguewood

Nightlife has come to 12th and Chicon. While the cluster of bars that fill the storefronts of this intersection get most of the attention, what’s a late night out without good late-night food? If you’re hopping from bar to bar and need a sobering bite, King Bee is ideal. Take a seat at one of the long antique wooden tables and check out its selection of pizzas prepared with fresh ingredients and house-made dough. It goes without saying they’re a great accompaniment to the drink list whether you’re after a signature cocktail, frozen margarita, or a cold beer. Their Bee Supreme is not your average take-out pizza. It has all the gooeyness you crave, but with better crust and some elevated ingredients thrown into the mix. In addition to the typical pepperoni, green peppers, and mushrooms, it has tangy green olives and mounds of ricotta dotting the pie, reminding you of late night pizza runs, only much tastier.
1906 E 12th St., 512-600-6956

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