Inspirational Women’s Event 2017


A network event in celebration of women

Photos by Leah Muse

There is something about women that just begs for their voices to be heard and their stories to be told. Whether they are a pioneer carving out a path for those to follow, at the helm of a business, or a mother in a thicket of toddlerhood, each female pursues her path with a passion that inspires others with its ferocity.

East Austin is full of these women who look beyond themselves in order to focus on the needs and concerns of their community and the world around them. This is an opportunity to celebrate and encourage other women to showcase their inner beauty and unstoppable strength. In September, EASTside Magazine gathered all these inspirational women at Springdale Station (also woman-owned-and-operated) to celebrate. Thank you to all who made it such an epic event. We cannot wait until next year! | 979 Springdale Rd. | 835 Pleasant Valley Dr

Thank you to our event sponsors for making the evening so memorable!

Easton Park, Springdale Station, Eden East, Buenos Aires Cafe, Colleen’s Kitchen, Fluff Meringues, Austin Eastciders, Sway Water, Daily Greens, Infinite Monkey Theorem, Spirit of Texas Independent Distillery, and Mighty Swell Cocktails

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