Welcome to Fukumoto Sushi & Yakitori Izakaya

The Face of {Traditional Japanese Cuisine}

Chef Kazu Fukumoto and Team

Fukumoto is a Japanese izakaya specializing in traditional Edomae sushi, while also pioneering the introduction of yakitori to Austin. Grilling delicious skewers over searing hot white oak binchotan (charcoal) and serving only the freshest fish prepared with care and love, Fukumoto channels the Japanese tradition of integrating art into nourishment. This restaurant challenges themselves to engage your taste buds, eyes, and stomach in an experience rather than an exercise in sustenance. Here, meals are often served gradually over several courses, and the impressive selection of Japanese saké and beer offers a wide variety of pairing options. The menu and changing specials highlight seasonal, local ingredients as well as fish sourced daily from Japan’s Tsukiji market and all over the world. Located in eclectic East Austin, Fukumoto offers a unique dining experience for those both new to traditional Japanese cuisine and the experienced eater. Led by Chef and Owner Kazu Fukumoto, the team at Fukumoto strives to share their passion with Austin.  Fukumoto is open Monday through Saturday for dinner. Reservations can be made by phone.

(512) 770-6880
514 Medina Street

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