Where Every Child Shines

The Rise School
Photos by McKenzie Coronado
Is it possible for children to receive a higher quality early childhood education when in the same classroom as their peers with developmental disabilities? The Rise School of Austin answers this question every day with an emphatic “yes!” Established in 2002, the mission of Rise is to provide the highest-quality early childhood education for ALL children—gifted, traditional and developmentally delayed…

Beat the Heat {Style}

Words by Meggie Copeland  Photos by Eric Morales
The last few months of summer bring clear skies and three-digit rays that make everyday errands seem like an adventure of survival.

Going outside doesn’t have to feel like a trip to the sauna though. Whether you’re by the pool or working the evening shift, the perfect one-piece is the best way to tackle whatever the Austin thermometers have in store. And if you’re doing Austin right, then most …

Knitting Together the Loose Ends

Lifeworks’ Wrap-Around GED Program
Words by Jessica Devenyns  Photos by Eric Morales
Education is like a skein of yarn. It is layers of information wound in an orderly fashion to form the shape of a person’s being. It must be done carefully and consistently or else you may hit a snag.
Despite the best intentions of educators, there are still students who will hit that snag and unravel themselves out of the system. While this happens for many r…

Dual Language Education

¡Hola! Parlezvous English?

Words by Jessica Devenyns
As the borders of the world continue to blur with the interconnectivity of technology, even a country as vast as the United States can begin to feel like Switzerland with its borders being bumped and nudged by varying languages and cultures. Yet it is only recently that Austin has recognized the reduction of our global isolation in the education system.
In 2010, Austin Independent School D…

Springdale Station {Social Hour}

Open House
Photos by Aaron Rimbey
Stained glass windows, brass lamps and an antique ticket window adorn Springdale Station, a recently restored historic train station. Nestled alongside a decommissioned rail line covered by a vintage awning, this architectural gem perches in a field like a time capsule. Central Austin’s newest event venue hosted its first open house on July 12.
979 Springdale Rd.  |  springdalestation.com

Eastside Pie-Society

It’s More Than a Pizzeria,
It’s a State of Mind.
Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Ashley Haguewood
East Austin isn’t just a place for eclecticism and relentless change, but one where good ideas take hold, and Eastsiders have a reputation for forming traditions all their own. Whatever the original motivation, each of the pizzerias in east Austin makes something they love and believe in, and they have had to be innovative to do it:  in their lo…

Rosewood Park {History Spotlight}

Words by Amanda Covo  Photo courtesy Austin History Center, Austin Public Library
Summertime pool dwellers, fierce baseball games and after-school programs have long had a home at Rosewood Park. Additionally, if its shade trees, picnic tables and stone walls could talk, they’d tell a story of community more than 90 years in the making.
In rapidly changing east Austin, a 17-acre stretch of land tucked away in the Rosewood neighborhood, the pocke…

East Side Pies

Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Ashley Haguewood

Biggest Slice!
Did you know that East Side Pies is making some of the biggest pizza in town? You can get a 20″ pizza slice for as little as $2.50 during happy hour.

When co-founders Michael Freid and Noah Polk stepped into the low, cinder-block building at 1401 Rosewood, it smelled of fryer grease that coated the walls, courtesy of the prior occupant. Now that same 250 sq. ft. …

Southside Flying Pizza

Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Will Bowling

Bike & Save!
Arrive by bicycle instead of motorized vehicle and get 10% off your order.

You’ll never get bored with options at Southside Flying Pizza. The Austin pizza joint opened its third location on East Cesar Chavez in 2015 and has quickly become part of the neighborhood. Pick up a pie on your way home, or sit and have one of their daily lunch specials. In fact, plan to s…

Unit D Pizzeria

Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Ashley Haguewood

Happy Hour!
Visit Unit D on Mondays 5-10pm for $2 pint night. Or try their Michelada which is packed full of flavor.

Unit D’s menu is a study in contrasts. It stands out by eascombining the exacting standards and ingredients of the trademarked recipe that made Neapolitan-style pizza world famous, with the energy and creativity you’d expect from a chef at a top restaurant mor…

Bufalina Pizza

Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Ashley Haguewood
Bufalina makes the kind of pizza you just have to tell other people about. The restaurant takes its name from one of the essential ingredients to excellent pizza: buffalo mozzarella, large slices of which cover the base of their pizzas and spread out in the 900 degree wood-fired oven the restaurant uses to cook them. The result is the classic Neapolitan-style pizza, smoky fire-kissed crust and e…

Aviator Pizza & Brew Co.

Words by Ben Haguewood  Photo by Hollie Meador

For the Kids!
Every Wednesday kids can build their own pizza. Order any small pizza, and the ingredients will be brought to the table to use their creative abilities to craft  their very own

Anyone who’s heard of Elgin, Texas probably knows it for its sausage, but as Austin moves further east, it’s taking its taste for inventive pizza recipes and craft beer with it. When Av…

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