Cycle Fashion

Cycle in Style

Words by Natalie Goforth
Photos by
Eric Morales

Cycling allows one to be self-expressive through style and sustainability. Not only is it the most appealing way to get more intimately acquainted with a city, but it’s also efficient. In fact, bicycle power is one of the most efficient forms of mechanical energy transfer ever conceived. Bikes make it easy to look good, feel good, and be good.

Cycling is not just a sport—it’s a lifestyle. So let Fast Folks Cyclery & Cafe at 1201 E. Cesar Chavez keep you stylish and caffeinated in the process.

Get the Looks:
Natalie Goforth, owner of Fast Folks Cyclery & Café, modeling a Civic Bike, seven speed $375, at Fast Folks Cyclery & Café

Katrina O’day hip bag $40, at Fast Folks

O’day’s designs are sold at Fast Folks, Solid Gold, Hacienda, Blanton Museum, Pink and Silver Fashion Truck and Texas National Outfitters.

Laura Gilpin, owner of Homestead Healing is modeling State Bicycle, single speed $475, at Fast Folks Cyclery & Café

Two time Olympian, Raasin McIntosh, ESL and non-profit manager, models a Tribe Messenger Track Bike $675, at Fast Folks Cyclery & Café.

Lance Armstrong Bike Way
at Eastside Station Apartments

1700 E 4th Street

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