Every Day is Like a {Holiday Mountain}

It would be an exercise in futility to listen and try staying still while Holiday Mountain’s music is on. Everything about them and their music is large and unapologetic. The way they look, the way they move, and most importantly, the way they sound is all about unfettered expression.

Words & Photos By Eric Morales

Laura Patiño and Xander Kagle made the move to East Austin a few short years ago. “[Free Week] sold me on the city,” explained Laura. “It was so cool to see how the whole scene could agree on that just because we all love music.”

Xander’s appreciation of Austin comes from its balance as place where one can get stuff done while still living a “sensible and chill life.”

Laura was eager to tackle political issues inspired by Wendy Davis when she first arrived in Austin. But, the mission is becoming more personal and internal. “How can I be these things I’m hoping to find? How can I exude them?  How can you be all these things you wish to attain and spread them out to the world?” Laura pondered.

Holiday Mountain’s music is continually evolving. Like any good storyteller, Holiday Mountain uses fiction to tell the truth. “Having a character can allow you to be more vulnerable because the character is an aspect of you,” said Laura, “but you don’t feel as worried about what people might say.”

When it comes to style, Laura listens to little voices in her head. “I kinda feel like my inner soul is a mix of an old sassy black lady and a fierce drag queen.  And they kinda mix together in my head and are like ‘That would look… excellent’, and I’m like, ‘You’re right’,” she laughs.

Holiday Mountain works a lot with Alice (aka xxWitchDoctorxx) when it comes to wardrobe. “Alice is already light years ahead of the style things I think about.  We love glitter spandex and wet look pleather.”

For Laura, fashion is about expression and trying to make others around her feel good. “I just feel most comfortable when I look most ridiculous. It’s letting it out in your own unique way. And, hopefully, if you’re doing it, it’ll make other people feel like it’s okay for them to feel whatever makes them comfortable.”

And sometimes it’s just about pure joy. “It’s the little things in life,” she said, looking down at what she was wearing, smiling. “I can see the whole rainbow on my arm right now.”



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