Welcome to Eden East

The Faces of {Farm-to-Table Cuisine}

Sara Smith, Front of House
Sonya Cote, Chef + Owner
Kaycee Braden, Project Manager

On a five-acre farm two miles east of downtown, a wizened oak spreads its welcoming arms over a dozen communal tables. Chickens cluck softly, and children’s feet rustle the hay as they wander around the outdoor dining space.

Eden East is a farm-to-table restaurant with an intimate connection to the land. For them, farm-to-table is a title earned by being a part of the elements, changing with the seasons, cultivating a menu based on the harvest. Every blistering hot day and overcast sky influences the dishes served that night. Sonya, the chef behind the fare, however, welcomed the inconsistencies of nature and created Eden East as a way to reconnect with the life within the land by using dishes to chronicle the bounty of the growing season.

Particularly in East Austin where there is a long history of urban farms, the legacy that Eden East perpetuates is as rich as the soil in which many of Eden East’s vegetables grow. Through its menu, chefs and farmers are kept together in conversation as they work to nourish the community and cultivate the lifeblood of our society.

Eden East offers a seasonal pre-fixe dinner menu Fridays and Saturdays from 7–11pm and every third Thursday of the month from 6–9pm where one can order from an a la carte menu and enjoy complimentary cocktails. Wednesdays and Saturdays counter service is offered during Springdale Farm market from 9am–1pm. Private events are also hosted by the crew. Alcoholic beverages are a welcomed accompaniment but must be BYOB.

(512) 428-6500
755 Springdale Road

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