Eastside Dining Guide

Austin Daily Press
Austin Daily Press has spent the last five years honing their craft, and it shows! The ADP team, led by Chef Reed Faitak and co-owners Dustin Knef and Chase Rushing, have found their voice through creating incredibly flavorful experiences sandwiched between locally baked telera.
1900 E MLK Jr. Blvd. | E Cesar Chavez location opening soon  |  austindailypress.com

Acai Hut
Acai Hut will soon be bringing Brazilian acai to Mueller. Sweet, tart, and refreshing all at once, this healthy alternative to smoothies is the best thing you’ll eat with a spoon all summer.
Mueller brick & mortar location opening soon  | acaihut.com

Hillside Farmacy
Something about Hillside Farmacy’s oysters, weekend brunches, and cocktails just make you feel better. Perhaps that’s due to its historical location in the lovingly renovated 1950s Hillside Drugstore. Or perhaps it’s because the fresh, carefully selected seasonal food that comes from local farms and onto your plate is just good medicine.
1209 E 11th St.  |hillsidefarmacy.com


Flyrite Chicken
Disrupting the fast food industry one sandwich at a time, Flyright is a drive-thru with all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken as well as gluten-free and vegetarian options.
2129 E 7th St.  |  flyritechicken.com 

Kyoten Sushiko
At Kyoten, Chef Otto Phan’s attention to detail makes for an impeccable dining experience. With such measured preparation and presentation, you can trust that you will be dazzled with each visit.  4600 Mueller Blvd., Ste.1035  |  kyotensushiko.com


Buenos Aires Café
American cocktails and Argentinian fare make their home side by side at Buenos Aires Café. The locally inspired menu offers Argentinian mainstays like empanadas as well as seasonal favorites. Don’t be surprised to find yourself falling in love with the live Latin music and flavors that come out of this restaurant.
1201 E 6th St.  |  buenosairescafe.com


Micklethwait Craft Meats
Although known for their beef ribs, brisket, and craft meats, if you’re headed to Micklethwait’s, you can’t forget about the sides. Your meal won’t be the same without a scoop of the jalapeño cheese grits or lemon poppy seed cole slaw.
1309 Rosewood Ave.  | craftmeatsaustin.com


S-H Donuts
This unassuming store front houses an outstanding array of donuts, kolaches, and breakfast croissants. Even if the food wasn’t enough, owners Socea and Sarorn make the trip to S-H worth it every time.
5313 Manor Rd.

Eden East
Under the wizened oak trees of Springdale Farm is an unmarked trailer whose plain façade belies hyper-seasonal, farm-to-table dishes. Whether it’s a farm-fresh breakfast on market days or a sit-down prix fixe dinner under the stars, Eden East reinvents the idea of eating local. Keep an eye out for their a-la-carte nights one Thursday a month.
755 Springdale Rd. edeneastaustin.com

Rockstar Bagels
Go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Joe’s ingenuity has produced some of the best bagels on the block. Made in an authentic New York fashion, you won’t be disappointed as you consider the texture of every chewy bite.
1900 Rosewood Ave.  |  rockstarbagels.com

Mongers Market + Kitchen
Fish doesn’t get much fresher. Check out the catch of the day blackboard for stellar raw bar creations, or order a Gulf-inspired dishes from the curated menu.
2401 E Cesar Chavez St. |  mongersaustin.com

Tamale House
The Valera family built their East 6th location decades back, but as their residence. Now, the bungalow serves as their restaurant where Tex-Mex is served up with east Austin flair.
1707 E 6th St.  |  tamalehousetogo.com

The fresh tropical fruit juice and the arepas are why you need to visit Artessano. As a food trailer specializing in Colombian food, expect dance music and lots of friendly conversation when you visit.  1211 E 6th St.

Daruma Ramen
Enjoy a bowl of ramen in an intimate setting. Unusual for ramen bars in the area, Daruma specializes in chicken broths whose light flavors pair sublimely with an addition of a soft-boiled egg.  612-B E 6th St.  |  darumaramen.com

The Doughminican
Find Caribbean beats, happy people, and soul-filled food at this trailer. Try the legendary empanadas that are rolled out fresh for everyone, the quipes, and the sweet bean dessert.
1403 E 7th St. 
|  thedoughminican.com

El Sunzal

El Sunzal is a quintessential hole-in-the-wall that makes up for its barebones appearance with its exceptional El Salvadorian fare. Make sure to sample the fried yucca, seafood soup, and the papusas. 
642 Calles St.

Juan in a Million
Made famous by the Don Juan, this no-frills establishment has more to offer than insurmountable breakfast tacos. Try the migas or the huevos rancheros for starters.
2300 E Cesar Chavez St.  |  juaninamillion.com


Mouths water when plates head out of Patrizi’s tiny kitchen in the Manor Restaurant District. Plus, one Wednesday a month is extra special when the chefs have the opportunity to be creative with traditional Italian fare.
2307 Manor Rd.  |  patrizis.com

Taco Mex
A tiny kitchen with a walk-up window, Taco Mex nevertheless manages to serve up healthy sized and fairly priced breakfast tacos and chicken quesadillas with authentic Tex-Mex flavors.
2611 Manor Rd.  |  tacomexorders.com

The Dog & Duck Pub
Since this Austin classic moved east, not much has changed. Still serving up fish and chips alongside dozens of draft beers, this pub is a little English village in the middle of east Austin.
2400 Webberville Rd. 

 Yellow Jacket Social Club
Come for brunch, come for happy hour, come for a good time. Whether you’re on the shaded patio or inside at the bar, the food is always good and the drinks are always cold at Yellow Jacket Social Club. Plus, this is a pet-friendly establishment.
1704 E 5th St.  |  yellowjacketsocialclub.com

Komé Sushi Kitchen
Seat yourself among wood-paneled walls and select from an expansive saké list featuring local and imported options as well as a menu full of inventive variations of flavorful Japanese classics. 
4917 Airport Blvd. 
|  kome-austin.com

Vintage Heart Coffee
Today you can choose from lavender lattés, cold brew coffee or lemonade served with house-made simple syrup flavors. But soon you’ll select from an array of food trucks and an extensive beer and wine list, too.
1405 E 7th St.  |  vintageheartcoffee.com

Dee Dee
Raised in northern Thailand, Lakana brings the region’s flavors to east Austin. With a name that means “good good,” no one can argue that this food truck has set itself up for success.
1906 E Cesar Chavez St.  | deedeeatx.com 

J. Leonardi’s Barbecue
This little barbecue truck produces a mountain of smoky flavor. With large portions and an affordable menu, you’ll be tempted into ordering the ribs and the turkey just because.
1149 1/2 Airport Blvd.  |  jleonardibbq.com

Justine’s Brasserie
Known for late-night dining and artistic flare, Justine’s should be on the radar of anyone who is craving French fare. Sit on the patio, enjoy a cocktail, and revel in the experience.
4710 E 5th St.  |  justines1937.com

Li’l Nonna’s
Vegan pizza that surpasses expectations, this is where Li’l Nonna’s shines. Even the staunchest supporters of animal products will have to appreciate the beeteroni and vegan mozzarella.
1505 Town Creek Dr.  |  lilnonnas.com


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