Dual Dressing

Weather changes call for wardrobe rethinking.

Words By Samantha Lauron  Photos by Eric Morales

When the seasons change in Texas, we say goodbye to constant sun and hello to the roller coaster of unpredictable weather. One day it’s sunny and 75, and the next we’re scraping ice off our cars. The back and forth tends to leave us confused and asking the question–what do we wear?

If there’s one thing to remember when dressing for an Austin autumn, it’s that layers and versatility are key. Making sure you’re suited for both cold and warm weather is a necessity. And while there certainly are days during the colder months when it feels like a swimsuit might be an appropriate option, keep in mind that there are many ways to incorporate your summer wardrobe into the fall and winter seasons.

Find wardrobe inspiration through this hot and cold season featuring a few local favorites, including Olive and Helm Boots.

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