Form follows function…

Whether it’s ear, nose and throat related or cosmetic, Daniel J. Leeman, MD approaches every case with care.

Words by Sam Lauron

Unlike most, Dr. Daniel J. Leeman knew at a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in medicine. “I wanted to be a physician early on,” Dr. Leeman admits. “It was probably sixth grade when I got the desire.”

After finishing his formal medical training in 1998 and working for a practice in Virginia, Dr. Leeman knew it was time to do something on his own and headed to Austin in 2000 to open his namesake practice, Daniel J. Leeman, MD.  Dr. Leeman’s practice is unique in that it offers ENT services, as well as cosmetic procedures—which means anything from hearing aids to facelifts, or even rhinoplasty can be done by Dr. Leeman’s team at their eastside facility.

Dr. Leeman was drawn to cosmetic surgery because he has both a science-loving side and an artistic nature side. His diverse position in the medical world allows him to combine function with aesthetics and use his creative abilities to figure out things like “how does that nose best fit on that face?”

Above all else, Dr. Leeman’s desire to help people is the driving factor behind his practice. Whether it’s taking on difficult cases or providing patient education or long-term care, Dr. Leeman makes it his goal to help patients with not only their medical ailments but also their lifestyles as well. He listens to his patients, provides honest answers, and creates a trustworthy, safe environment in which patients feel comfortable and cared for.

You can visit Dr. Leeman and his team at their East Manor Road location where he moved the practice two years ago to serve the community that he adored. “I like the vibe and the people here,” says Dr. Leeman. He also enjoys giving the community the care they deserve.

Dr. Leeman’s top 10 Skin Do’s & Don’ts:

1. Do use high SPF protection. The higher the SPF the better. Find a sunblock with UVB and UVA protection. Both UVB and UVA rays contribute to skin cancer.

2. Do use sunblock all year long. “Skin protection isn’t just a summer thing… We preach that here.”

3. Don’t go outside without applying sunscreen. We recommend wearing something in addition to SPF to block the sun. Hats can be stylish and protective.

4. Do nourish your skin with a nutrient-packed moisturizer. This is essential, especially at night.

5. Don’t sunbathe. Especially do not slather on the baby oil. Even the slightest tan is damaging to the skin.

6. Do wear SPF on your lips during the day. Keep your lips kissable all summer long by reapplying lip balm with SPF during the day.

7. Do take your supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins have anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamins E and C taken orally protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

8. Do exfoliate skin and apply self-tanner. There is nothing wrong with supporting a faux glow.

9. Do drink lots of water. This helps flush out toxins besides keeping you hydrated.

10. Don’t forget to reapply! Apply sunblock frequently if you’re doing something active like running or swimming. Reapply every 2 hours, at minimum.

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