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Coworking is more than just a space to park your laptop.

Words by Sam Lauron

With more and more people turning to self-employment, remote working and startup lifestyles, it’s no wonder that coworking has become the modern way to work. But what exactly is the benefit to sharing a space with strangers?

Coworking is not only an alternative for those who don’t need a ton of office space but also for those who want more interaction than they would get in their home office. Although every coworking space is different, what remains the same across the board is the sense of community each one provides. Working alongside like-minded entrepreneurs is the perfect opportunity to collaborate and connect with people across different industries and contribute to each other’s success.  “We set the expectation from the start; this is more than just a desk at which to work,” says Atmosphere Cowork founder Trent Sultemeirer of his coworking space.

The key to finding your place in the multitude of coworking spaces available is to find a community that suits you and your needs. What works best for the freelance writer might not be the best fit for a growing tech start-up. You may have to do a little research and experimenting to find the space that you feel most at home, but once you do, working will never be more fun.

Soma Vida

Founded in 2008, Soma Vida was the first official coworking location in Austin, and there’s no doubt it’s the healthiest. “I believe we are only as successful as we are healthy,” says founder Laura Shook Guzman. “As entrepreneurs, our health and well-being have a huge impact on our bottom line.” From the on-site wellness features like yoga and acupuncture to the variety of workspaces available, Soma Vida is the ultimate space for all types of wellness entrepreneurs. | 2324 E. Cesar Chavez St. 


For the creative-minded business professionals, consider Createscape. The Tillery Street space is a perfect place to settle into for individuals from all industries, but especially if you’re in a creative field like photography, writing or design. Perks include socials every month and a pet-friendly workspace! | 701 Tillery Street A-3 #21

Journey Coworking

With members from the tech, real estate and finance fields, this is one bright coworking space. The features of Journey Coworking include sleeping pods, showers and even a community garden—everything you could ever need for the work week and then some. | 5323 Levander Loop 

Urban Co-Lab

With dedication to urban innovation and entrepreneurship, Urban Co-Lab caters to individuals and small groups making an impact in education, housing, transportation and other issues facing urban areas. If you’re passionate about the community, get involved with Urban Co-Lab. | 1818 E 12th Street

Atmosphere Cowork

Atmosphere Cowork is a flexible platform for members of the digital creative industry to engage with one another’s businesses and create a strong sense of community. A unique feature to the space is the Network Catalyst sessions in which members come together to share business ideas and stories in an effort to connect. According to founder Trent Sultemeier, “It’s a way to mindfully grow our businesses while meeting new people that could become friends, business partners or both.” | 2400 E Cesar Chavez #208

Chicon Collective 

Located at the old 3rd Street bus depot is a space for freelancers of all kinds—developers, photographers, writers and more. They also hold plenty of events, so stop by to visit the self-proclaimed “scrappy” coworkers and see how you like it. | 301 Chicon St. Ste. D 

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