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Kristin Schumann, Brian Quick, and Team

It’s incredible to think that 110 people wedge their way into Austin everyday, all trying to find housing. If you look around, however, you’ll realize that they are indeed managing. Suddenly, dozens of new windows are scattered throughout our community allowing a glimpse into the lives of these businesses and families. For many Austinites though, this unopposed view into their lives is unwelcome. Thankfully, Budget Blinds took notice.

Although the modern aesthetic of high, clean windows is in vogue, there is no reason that you can’t stylishly and effectively cover those big beautiful openings. Particularly in a climate where sixty percent of our days are filled with sunshine, window coverings are a pragmatic home accent that help achieve an energy efficient and beautiful living space. With hundreds of product offerings and industry leading warranties,  you can rest assured Budget Blinds has the right product for your style and budget!

From businesses to bungalows, the 5 folks—Kristin, Brian, Kit, Katherine, and Paula—who helm this local window covering design shop will walk you through every step making sure that what ends up on your windows is exactly what you described during your design consultation. They’ve got you covered from consult to install to warranty. These folks will make sure your window treatments fit your style and needs, and for those who want a total smart home, Budget Blinds has the capability to integrate your window coverings!

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