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Beauty Expert, Gloria Fuentes, talks about the beauty, simplicity,
and ease of lash extensions.

Words by Gloria Fuentes & Brooke Alexander  Photos by Ashley Haguewood

When Blink Beauty opened up its doors 8 years ago, lash extensions were a relatively new procedure in Austin. They’ve since become more than a trend, extending beyond a beauty practice, morphing into a necessity—especially for those who maintain busy lifestyles. The routine of applying mascara throughout the day is no longer needed. Without mascara, there are no concerns of black smudges running down the face while in the heat, swimming, or during any activity that may make one sweat. For Blink Beauty, it has been a delight to hear the encouraging feedback from clients about how enhanced and stunning lash extensions have made them feel and how vigorous makeup regimens have been reduced because of them. To wake up and already feel done-up and ready for the day is the ultimate confidence booster and time saver. We can all afford to worry about one less thing in the morning!

With the increase of lash stylists in town, it’s important for clients to have the knowledge to differentiate proper practices as opposed to hurried procedures. Extensions should be done by an individual or a licensed cosmetologist/esthetician who has gone through proper lash training. The lash application is done by attaching one synthetic lash to each natural lash and NOT IN CLUSTERS! Clusters are terrible for natural lashes and are painful when lashes run their natural course of growing out and shedding. If you go to a studio and a full set of lashes takes 30 minutes, RUN! Different from clusters, some studios are offering volume lashes, which is applying several lashes to one natural lash. This procedure is an exception, as the lashes used for volume are extremely lightweight and applied properly in a specific & safe manner.

Lash Extension Myths:

1. Getting lash extensions is painful. When lash extensions are applied correctly by a licensed stylist, it is a pain-free process. The adhesive will not touch your skin or eyes, and the extensions are applied to an individual natural lash so there is no discomfort when the natural lashes begin to grow.

2. They make your lashes fall out. Just like the hair on our head, we shed our eyelashes on a daily basis. With extensions, when you shed a natural lash, you also shed the extension that is on it. You are just more aware of the natural shedding process because the extensions make your lashes more noticeable. This process would continue to happen with or without extensions.

3. Lash extensions cause permanent damage to your natural lashes. 

Your lashes will continue to grow as usual after extensions are removed. They may seem finer or thinner because you have gotten used to waking up with a full, thick set of lashes every day when you had extensions, but it is simply a matter of readjusting to what your lashes looked like before extensions.

4. You must take breaks from lash extensions. This is a personal choice.  As stated before, your lashes will always continue to grow and shed with their natural growth cycle.  A break from extensions simply means your lashes would continue along that cycle extension free, but breaks are not necessary.

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