Beat the Heat {Style}

Words by Meggie Copeland  Photos by Eric Morales

The last few months of summer bring clear skies and three-digit rays that make everyday errands seem like an adventure of survival.

Going outside doesn’t have to feel like a trip to the sauna though. Whether you’re by the pool or working the evening shift, the perfect one-piece is the best way to tackle whatever the Austin thermometers have in store. And if you’re doing Austin right, then most likely you’re popping by your favorite food truck or making the trip to your local coffee bar.

Pair your favorite suit this summer with seasonal denim for Saturday brunch or some free flowing silk pants at dinner on the nearest patio. Wear fewer layers and be prepared for the spontaneous late-night swim you’re going to need by the end of any Texas summer day.

Snag yourself a new suit at one of our fave eastside boutiques:

– Bazaar on East Riverside 

– Friends and Neighbors

– Value Thrift East Riverside

– Laced With Romance 

– Passport Vintage 

– Aro

Model: Meggie Copeland
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