BBQ & Pet Issue {June/July 2017}

Barbecue and pets! We had this grand idea to put these two topics together as we were indulging in barbecue one day and looked around—just about half the people there had their dogs with them. Texans, especially East-siders, have some excellent options when it comes to smoked meats, and we love of our pets.

p.28 Eastside Barbecue

When it comes to who makes the best barbecue in Austin, everyone has an opinion. Franklin Barbecue generally lands close to top of the list, a fact that is clearly demonstrated by crowds who start queuing up daily at 9am. Other favorites include La Barbecue, Kerlin BBQ, Scotty’s, J. Leonardi’s, Birdhouse BBQ, & Micklethwait. While each location has their own specialty, they do all have one thing in common. The best of the best all decided to call east Austin home.

p.22 Two Species One Family

There is a reason even your human significant other gets a “pet name.” We can’t help it; we love our pets. A loving pet is the ultimate companion. They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re non-judgmental and they just make you feel good.


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