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EAST.MarisCalderon.L1055015Q&A with Makeup Artist
Maris Malone-Calderon

Words by Ashley Bowling Photos by Eric Morales

Award winning and internationally known makeup artist and owner of Pearl Hair & Makeup Studio, Maris began her beauty career with a desire to create a job out of an art she truly loved.

What led you into a career in makeup artistry?  To be honest, I just wanted to be part of the film and television industry and thought being a makeup artist sounded really awesome!

What were some of the challenges as an up and coming makeup artist?  I started my freelance career in 2004 but was only working part time in Mississippi, not an ideal place to be a makeup artist at the time. I think the only challenge for me was location. Once we moved, it was really easy to build my career. It began to take off about a year after I moved to Austin in 2007.

Any hiccups or embarrassing moments on the way up?  There have been times earlier in my career where I forgot tweezers, lashes or some other important item, but I always made it through! That taught me to always keep everything important in my kit at ALL times.

How would you describe your signature style for makeup?  Sculpting and highlighting natural features. I always want my clients to look like the person who walked in the door with no makeup, only more polished.

What are some of your favorite things about working in the beauty industry? My clients and work colleagues. I love seeing and talking to them every time I go to work! I also love that I am able to work with clients to find the perfect makeup style for them.

What do you enjoy most when doing bridal makeup? What inspires you? What does your creative process look like?  The wedding day is such a special day for a woman. She wants to look the best she’s ever looked but also like herself. I love helping her to find that. My brides inspire me; it’s always about them. I talk a lot to a bride when she comes in about style and what makeup style she wears every day. I start with a basic idea of what they want and then refine as I go along.

Which makeup products are essential? Personally, I would say mascara, concealer and blush. These products can transform the face.

Describe a perfect day in Austin for Maris.  A run at Lady Bird Lake, a little admin work, makeup for a client or two, then dinner and time with my family.

If you could work with any face in the world, celebrity or otherwise, who would it be and why?  It may sound cliché, but I already work with my dream faces everyday, my clients. I love all the beauty and diversity I see.

What do you do to ensure your client is having the best experience?  Always being on time, professional and prepared is a must. I am also a firm believer in talking to my clients. I feel it’s really important to understand who they are in order to find the perfect makeup style for them.

When you aren’t doing makeup, how to you flex your creative muscles?  I love to craft for my home and friends!

What would you like us to know about yourself and your studio?  We are a group of talented, consistent artists, with a passion for our craft and our clients. Our artists are highly skilled, trustworthy, and lead with ethics. We treat everyone with kindness and always value you, your time and your opinions. We strive to achieve perfection for our clients with each and every visit.

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