Activate Your Life with Kombucha

There are plenty of flavors to try from this industry original.

Words by Sam Lauron  Photos by Eric Morales

If you’re familiar with the fizzy fermented tea beverage known as kombucha, there’s a good chance that Buddha’s Brew had something to do with it. As the first kombucha brand in Central Texas and one of the first six in the nation, Buddha’s Brew is a veteran of the industry and celebrated 10 years last summer. 

The local brand got their start when founder and co-owner Kimberley Lanski, who had spent more than 20 years in a spiritual community, wanted to offer something beneficial to the world. She had been making batches of kombucha in her kitchen at the time when an opportunity to take over a farmer’s market booth came along, and from that, Buddha’s Brew was born. Kimberley has a strong ethos of what she wants Buddha’s Brew to be and strongly believes in farmers’ markets, which is why they currently participate in eight markets a week. Engaging with customers is a big reason why farmers’ markets still play a huge role in Buddha’s Brew today. “It’s a pleasure working with customers at farmers’ markets and introducing them to our kombucha,” says co-owner Jake Gremillion. “Kombucha is a conduit for healthy food, and it’s amazing to see the lifestyle changes people make after being introduced to it.”

Buddha’s Brew prides themselves on their powerful flavors and active cultures (19 billion live cultures to be exact!) that are unlike other brands. With flavors ranging from Turmeric to Strawberry Lemonade, the company is always trying to come up with new and exciting varieties. “When you drink it, you can feel the life and taste the pop of flavor,” says Marketing Director Jason Taragos. One flavor that they’re particularly proud of is their Basil Honey Ginger. Made with locally grown ingredients, the freshness of the drink stands out and makes for a great springtime refresher.

Buddha’s Brew can be found in Counter Culture on Cesar Chavez, Cherrywood Coffeehouse, Mueller Farmer’s Market and several east side grocery and convenient stores.

Drink Ingredients: Basil Honey Ginger – Good Flow Honey, locally grown Basil flower and pure organic kombucha

Native Knowledge: Many of their 14 flavors make excellent mixers! Try Ginger with whiskey, Cranberry with vodka, or just add some sparkling water.


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