6 Best on Aldrich Street

The new places you’ll find yourself frequenting this fall.

Somehow the old airport’s seemingly endless runways are now lined with a unique combination of real estate, green space, and retail, which is inspiring more and more Austinites to flock to Mueller’s east Austin neighborhood. But with the chronic churn it’s a challenge to keep up with the latest places to try. Though still under construction, this east side district has already started booming

Açai Hut

From a little food truck in north-central Austin to a brick and mortar on Aldrich Street, Acai Hut has blossomed into a powerhouse of tropical fruit treats. Having joined their culinary forces a little over a year ago for a love of an Amazonian superfood, the family that runs this enterprise has since experimented with an astonishing array of toppings to create an acai menu that is an exotic escape for your taste buds.  1911 Aldrich Street, Suite 160 | acaihut.com

Orange Theory Fitness

A one-hour trip to an Orange Theory class results in up to 36 hours of increased calorie burning capabilities. Imagine what would happen if you did three hours a week? It would probably be too good to be true. It’s not. Stop in and find out how the folks at Orange Theory use an EPOC program to help achieve your fitness goals. 1911 Aldrich Street | orangetheoryfitness.com

Colleen’s Kitchen

Typical of any self-respecting Austin eatery, Colleen’s is unfettered by convention. This family-owned, southern-inspired restaurant channels the free spirit of a welcoming a family aunt who found joy in the ordinary. However, don’t expect the edible creations here to be anything less than extraordinary.
1911 Aldrich Street, Suite 100 | colleensaustin.com


Sometimes coffeehouse, sometimes bar, this Austin mini-chain welcomes a little bit of everything. During social hours, glamorous patrons wolf down towers of s’mores as they sit next to the grungy self-proclaimed aficionados with gold rimmed coupes. With live music, an extensive bar list, and a rotation of coffee beverages, you’re sure to find a little bit of halcyon in this cozy corner of Mueller. The new Mueller location will become the flagship spot.
1905 Aldrich Street | halcyoncoffeebar.com/location/austin

Lick Honest Ice Creams

No matter the season, in Austin a cold, creamy ice cream is always a welcome treat. Regardless if you indulge in dairy delights, Lick thoughtfully offers options for even the most discerning ice cream connoisseur. With a unique array of seasonal and locally-inspired flavors that are churned by hand, expect to sample fresh fruits, exotic spices, and floral notes in their creamy creations.
1905 Aldrich Street, Suite 150 | ilikelick.com

Bao’d Up

This bao-focused concept specialized in the steamed buns filled with meat and vegetables from which it took its name. With a menu that is heavy on the savory and only gives a cursory nod to sweet options, you are nevertheless in for a treat. There are also Taiwanese hamburgers, fries, and bubble tea available.
1911 Aldrich Street | baodup.com

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