6 Best Healthy Grocers

Feasting on Local Freshness

Words By Jessica Devenyns  Photos by Eric Morales

With springtime weather rolling into Austin, there is no better time to begin exploring the wide variety of natural, seasonal food to nourish your body. Thankfully, Austin makes it easy with its multitude of health-conscious grocers whose passion for sustainability and good food help them highlight healthy and local options. You just have to know where to look.

1. Quickie Pickie

For more than 25 years, the Quickie Pickie has been a one-stop-shop for all things essential for the residents of east Austin. Recently, however, this bodega has reinvented itself to offer a carefully curated stock of local foods, both on its shelves as well as in its on-site café. They’ve also opened a second location on Cesar Chavez Street. Stop by if you’re in a hurry—you’re sure to find that healthy snack you didn’t even know you were craving.

1208 E 11th St. or 2027 E. Cesar Chavez St.

2. Mr. Natural 

Mr. Natural unsurprisingly offers a vast selection of natural products to its patrons. Since 1988, this shop has been producing a unique combination of traditional Mexican meals and natural baked goods—all created with dietary restrictions in mind. If you need non-dairy, wheat-free, vegan or vegetarian food, step into Mr. Natural for award-winning taste.

1901 E. Cesar Chavez St.

3. Boggy Creek Farm

Four days a week, a farm stand is open at Boggy Creek Farm where a rotating selection of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats are available. With its deep roots in the local soil, this urban farm strives to foster community through offering healthful, local ingredients that teach innovation in the kitchen and connection to the local environment.

3414 Lyons Rd.

4. in.gredients 

More than just a grocery store, in.gredients is a zero-waste, hyper-local, community-nourishment center. With an emphasis on bringing your own packaging and only 3.74 pounds of trash in the landfill this month, shopping here is an educational experience that will bring you a more intimate awareness about the food you consume than you ever thought possible.

2610 Manor Rd.

5. Springdale Farm

Twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Springdale Farm opens its farm stand. Filled with seasonal produce and a few select products from other local farms, you can’t ask for much fresher. Plus, doing your shopping here will allow you to see how your food is cultivated and help you understand firsthand the effects of nature on the availability of fruits and vegetables.

755 Springdale Rd.

6. Farmhouse Delivery

This farm delivery service has made healthy eating a cinch. Now all you have to do is order online and farmers’ market fresh food will be delivered directly to your door. You don’t have to bother selecting from the freshest producers around and spend your weekends driving around town to curate your pantry. Just join the community, and you can have ultra-fresh, sustainable groceries sent straight to your doorstep.

720 Bastrop Hwy #110 or online at farmhousedelivery.com

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