6 Best Cold Treats

This summer, keep calm and carry on.

Words By Jessica Devenyns  Photos courtesy of Lick Honest Ice Creams & Prohibition Creamery

Austin in the summertime can be comically warm. The fall too. And the spring. Basically, there is a large portion of the calendar year where Austinites are wandering from air-conditioned building to air-conditioned building. However, there are other artificial ways to keep cool when temperatures hit triple digitsdigits: ice cream and snow cones. 

1. Spun

This whimsical ice cream shop was spun up as a science experiment for Austinites by Austinites. Using negative 321-degree Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen, each “scoop” of seasonal ice cream is constructed to order in just under a minute. They say it’s creamier than regular ice cream but that may also have to do with the use of local dairy and small batch production. 1912 E 7th Street

2. Prohibition Creamery

Delicate flavors need not apply. Those manning the counter at Prohibition Creamery are slinging bottles and pouring out jiggers of booze as fast as they can scoop ice cream. So, when you want to combine two of the best summertime indulgences—ice cream and libations—there is no better spot to enjoy the intoxicatingly delightful combination of these flavors. 1407 E 7th Street

3. Lick Honest Ice Creams

Everyone likes a cold, creamy treat. Even those who don’t eat actual cream. Good thing Lick provides options for everyone. For those citizens who opt out of dairy delights, Lick thoughtfully blends together dairy-free alternatives, fresh fruits, and exotic spices into treats that even dairy lovers will slurp down to the last drop. Lactose lovers have even more variety with unique seasonal and locally-inspired flavors that are churned by hand in shop. 1905 Aldrich Street, #150

4. Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs

Since 1996, this family-run business has been serving snowballs sweetened with 70 flavors of homemade simple syrup and traditional New Orleans’ style custard syrup. Come and savor the tropical flavors on a hot day, but return for the Boston Cream Pie. This new class of snow cone is injected with custard syrup and drizzled with in-house chocolate sauce and cream until it resembles more of a snow pie than a snow cone. 808 E 51st Street

5. Gelateria Gemelli

If you are really into authentic Italian ice cream, then this gelateria is for you. The counter is manned by a Bologna-trained gelatiere who serves up the flavor of the day, which could be anything from brown-butter vanilla to cardamom orange, alongside a shock of espresso or the bracing Italian digestif, amaro. 1009 E 6th Street

6. Rockaway Beach Subs & Shaved Ice

This sub shop has a beach-friendly menu lined with shaved ices that make almost any summer temperature bearable. Chill out and have a fruity concoction, or try something with a twist like their pickle-spotted Pick-a-Dilly. And don’t forget to bring Fido along. Rockaway has a special summertime treat for dogs that’s topped with puppy treats. 1620 E Riverside Drive

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