Good Times Call For Great Drinks

No need for a special occasion, there’s always something happening at Craftsman.
Words by Ben Haguewood  Photos by Ashley Haguewood
The Jack and Coke just isn’t cutting it for east Austin revelers any more. Not for a while. Craftsman bar on East Cesar Chavez serves up elevated cocktails, craft beer, and more in a casual, neighborhood setting without the intimidating vibe or eye-rolling bartender who looks like the lost member of a barber shop q…

6 Best New Year’s Celebrations

It’s time to start making plans for the last holiday of the year. Whether you choose parties, fireworks or relaxation, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the New Year around town.
Words By Sam Lauron
1. NYE 1989
with Hotel Vegas & The Volstead 
Party like it’s 1989 with east Austin bars, Hotel Vegas and The Volstead. The annual themed party at the heart of East Sixth Street is celebrating 80s-style with musical tributes to Madonna, Tom…

Worth the Time

Salt & Time’s Dinner Menu Grows with the Herd
Words by Ben Haguewood   Photos by Ashley Haguewood
The famous French chef Jacques Pepin said in a recent interview, “The best restaurant is the one where they know you.”
As Austin traffic patterns confine us to our neighborhoods in the evenings, this becomes a novel concept, though potentially a boring one. But East-siders looking to stay in their community can rejoice in Salt and Time’s dinne…

Star Light, Star Bright

First Star I See Tonight…
Trail of Lights Foundation STARS program is lighting up the holidays for folks young and old. For 18 nonprofit groups across central Austin, this season will be brighter thanks to the generosity of numerous local businesses.
Words by Jess Hagemann  Photos by Dear Wesleyann Photography
Every year since 2012, when the Trail of Lights Foundation was established, the STARS Program has made it possible for 501(c)3s whose s…

Mad Science

East Austin Theater Group Electrifies Stage
Words by Jennifer Simonson  Portraits by Aaron Rimbey  Stage Photos Courtesy of Rude Mechs
History is full of great characters, and Nikola Tesla is no exception. A mad scientist. A genius before his time.
Tesla gave the world alternating current and radio transmission. He envisioned wireless technology and cellphones a century before they were invented. But his obsessive-compulsive disorder drove him…

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