East Austin Studio Tour 2016


EAST is a free, annual, self-guided art event spanning across two weekends in November. Through collaboration with the community, it provides opportunities for the public to meet the makers: the local artists and artisans who drive Austin’s vibrant creative culture. Be sure to visit the 15 artists who have been participating since the beginning.

1 Come join Kincannon Studios (as Archaic) as they celebrate the sculpting of BLACKBIRD, in the spi…

It’s Italian


When you are tired of ordinary, step into little Italy.
Words by Al Fini  Photos by Ashley Haguewood
A few years ago, I was in my kitchen preparing for a wine dinner for later that night. I truly wanted some white truffle to finish off the risotto dish I was cooking. It was a last minute addition and, of course, nowhere to find it in town! I asked myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a specialty Italian market in Austin?” Just like that, a dr…

October & November Calendar


Our Favorite 9 Events
for the East Side
Words by Jessi Devenyns

The Capitan Asked For a Show of Hands
September 30–October 30 

What does a hand hold? Ask yourself this question as you visit the Gray Duck Gallery and consider artist W. Tucker’s work. Through his series of black and white drawings, you are asked to contemplate your own hands, and it may surprise you the power that lies in them.

2213 E. Cesar Chavez | grayduckgallery…

“People Who Made Texas so Texas”


Texas State Cemetery
Words By Gene Fowler
“So Far, So Bueno.” Thus reports the late Austin writer Edwin “Bud” Shrake, speaking from the mysterious territory that awaits us all at some distant date when each of our hearts must grow cold and still. The encouraging words are incised upon his tombstone in the Texas State Cemetery, an oasis of repose and reflection amidst the often hectic pace of Austin’s boom.
The Texas State Cemetery is indeed a …

Buddhism on a Sticky Mat


Dharma Yoga

Words by Keith Kachtick  Photos Eric Morales
From novelist and Texas Monthly writer to Buddhist yoga teacher, Dharma Yoga founder Keith Kachtick brings Eastern mindfulness to stressed-out east-siders.
The road for me to get to the east side, like most things Austin, was weird. Thirty years ago, I was waiting tables at the Texas Chili Parlor, a gig that led to meeting the never-before-interviewed daughter of Lee Harvey Oswald, whi…

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